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Sublimation Choreography and dance in Virtual Reality Project by Markiewicz and Piron.

Iwa-Kagami (2018)

Premier 21st November 2018 Centre Culturel Régional Dudelange opderschmelz, Luxembourg   Dance: Yuko Kominami Music: Tomás Tello Video: Diego Vizcarra   The solo dance piece is about my father who died recently. It is based on my impression of the two weeks I spent time with him in his last days – after he was diagnosed with a cancer and…

Dreaming Scarlet Medusa_2844

Dreaming Scarlet Medusa (2017)

  Premier 6th April 2017 opderschmelz, Dudelange, Luxembourg 27th May 2017 LUM, Lima, Peru   Dance : Yuko Kominami Music: Tomás Tello Video: Diego Vizcarra Light: Vincent Urbani Costume: Carolina Rieckhof External Eye: Camille Mutel Charge of Production: Séverine Zimmer   The piece is a result of a research into meanings and narratives of dance based on encounters between traditional…


Three Short Stories (2015) – dance and music piece for children and others

The piece “Three Short Stories” is about three different fantastic/supernatural stories using dance, music and light. Each story comes from different places (Japan, Poland, Perú). The piece is directed to children from 9 years onwards. The aim of the piece is to first of all provide magical experience and also introduce children(and adult) to different stories and different universes. “Three…

photo: Elvire Bastendorff

Metamorphosis [ou l’enigme du mouvement ou la confusion des forms] (2014)

Metamorphosis [ou l’enigme du mouvement ou la confusion des forms] Yuko Kominami Elvire Bastendorff Metamorphosis est la rencontre de deux disciplines, la fusion de deux univers artistiques distincts dont la finalité est une pièce vidéo(graphique) produite par une mise en forme d’images fixes et mobiles. La vidéo mixe différents langages pour aboutir à une poétique de l’image chorégraphique. Associant deux…

linnunrata faro

Linnunrata (2007)

…..pluck my plume. And there, into the opening I weave your plume into the silky slope of flight. A lovenest of connection and separation. A daydream for a crane’s placenta. Drawing inspiration from Japanese popular folklore. A crane takes shape as a woman and weaves a tapestry using her own plumes as an act of love. Dance: Yuko Kominami


reMEMBRANEce (2009)

The choreographic piece explores individual and collective memories with a focus on skin. Skin can be defined as a fluid plane, that functions both as a boundary and a connection. It is also a field of communication, where spells, encounters and memories reside. The piece consists of solo dance (Yuko Kominami) and video projection (Catherine Richard). Two female artists’ autobiographical…


Mayu (2013)

Rebirth-death-birth A lullaby in the womb Swim! towards the voice like a salmon up the river Hello again Welcome! Mayu is a solo dance piece with a live music performance. The piece is about  rebirth (rebecoming)  – A life-death  spiral or rather a rhizome. The title “mayu” means “river” in Quechua (the language from the Andes) and in  Japanese the…


Kaku (2011)

Music and Installation: Gilles Sornette Dance: Yuko Kominami Light: Brice Durand Coproduction: CCAM-Scène Nationale de Vandoeuvre (54)  Moselle Arts Vivants – opérateur culturel du Conseil Général de la Moselle (57)   Hörspiel (57)Subvention: Conseil Régional de Lorraine                         Ville de Metz  Conseil Général de Moselle  SPEDIDAMSupport: Arsenal/Metz en Scènes Centre Pompidou-Metz  Trois C-L…


Kage-fumi (2012)

…I was already no more me but you. And you were me. You are me and looking at you, who is me, from the next room. So open but unreachable but already here… Two dancer/choreographers, choreographing each other along the theme of the double. My double – the shadow I have never met but is already inside me and always…


recollections (2012)

Re-collections is a performance which aims to connect memories from the past and the future of a place by sharing  memories of the present together. The stage is surrouded by trees and ponds, and covered with dried cow dung. In the middle of it, a bed-size white “monolith” stands like an alien substance. Various images are projected on this monolith,…


SAI (2013)

SAI combine danse, musique live et vidéos interactives afin d’explorer un élément essentiel de la vie : la répétition et les variations qu’elle induit. Basée sur différentes séquences, la chorégraphie s’inspire avant tout de mouvements du quotidien. De par leur répétition consciente, se crée un effet kaléidoscopique qui révèle la richesse de nos rituels journaliers. En posant son regard sur le…


Winter Worm- Summer Grass (2013)

The piece is a collection of choreographic poems to revist the experience of one year TROIS C-L Boost programme 2012/2013, which consisits of creative research residencies in various places and in various seasons. The title, “Winter worm- Summer grass”, comes from Japanese name  for “Cordyceps Sinensis”(Fuyumushi-Natsukusa). It is a fungus which parasitizes a lavae of moth in the earth during winter and slowly…