Liquified Dream of a Dragonfly (2023)

photo: Bohumil Kostohryz

Liquified Dream of a Dragonfly

(Site-specific solo dance piece, with installation and live music: 30 min)


in the corner of a garden

it appears

it keeps changing 

larva-chrysalis- nymph-dragonfly- a woman made of pollen


the crack where the shell starts melting, freeing oneself from inertia

reaching out-

is the love of a snake/human/butterfly-mother…

Her eye turning into her baby son’s magic pacifier


I exist

by being eaten by insects

disappear to appear in another place


A new mythology may be born again


The performance is a site-specific dance piece with installation.

The dance consists in metamorphosis.  The boundaries get lost in-between, like the second skin, the third skin, like of a nymph molting again and again and again. What is it to yield to metamorphosis, to be partially human, partially insect, partially space and to share this insect-like happiness and love?

The performance suggests ruptures for static ambient and invites to share joy in metamorphosing.



Yuko Kominami (Dance)

Tomás Tello (Music)

Ichiko Funai (Installation and Costume)


25th May 2023

Casino Luxembourg -Forum d’art contemporain,

la cour de l’ancienne bibliothèque nationale, Luxembourg

Other presentation

26th May 2023, Casino Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

21st October 2023, Festa dos anos de Alvaro de Campos (Tavira, Portugal)

Executive production

Rhysom Danz Kollektiv asbl


Ministère de la Culture, Luxembourg

Casino Luxembourg


Kawakami Sangyo

*To adhere to the importance of sustainability, The installation is made of bio-degradable bubble wrap provided by Kawakami Sangyo



A Sala de Espera


The Trailer: