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Saturday 31st of October, 2020 at 17h in Jardim de São Francisco, Tavira, Portugal DANÇAR POESIA | HETERÓNIMOS (Direction: Yuko Kominami, Dance: Karen da Silva, Yuko Kominami ; Music: Tomas Tello, Raul Jardin) in the framework of Festa dos Anos de Alvaro de Campos

O Moviment do Ser – workshop de Butoh por Yuko Kominami

  Movement of Becoming Workshop based on Butoh By Yuko Kominami 1st and 2nd February 2020 10:30-13:30 at Re-Criativa Republica 14 Olhao, Portugal O workshop é sobre o processo de transformação, de se tornar outro. Está baseado na prática de Butoh e na pesquisa pessoal do coreógrafo. O movimento de se transformar aqui significa o movimento para se dissolver…

Easter Dance Workshop in Tavira, Portugal

Workshop Movement of Becoming by Yuko Kominami From 1st to 5th April, 2018   This five-day workshop explores movement of metamorphosing inside/outside. We work both outdoor and indoor.   “Movement of becoming” is a series of the workshop Yuko Kominami has been giving based on Butoh practice and her personal research. Movement of becoming means the movement of dissolving into…

New Year Outdoor Dance Workshop

  Starting the New Year with fresh energy flows! Welcoming the new days dancing on the beach: sensing the sand, the waves, the sun, the breeze and the birds… We will begin with gentle warm-up, breathing exercise to regenerate all the cells, stretching to mobilize the body from inside and outside.And then we will move on to movement exercises to…

Dreaming Scarlet Medusa_2844

Dreaming Scarlet Medusa (2017)

  Premier 6th April 2017 opderschmelz, Dudelange, Luxembourg 27th May 2017 LUM, Lima, Peru   Dance : Yuko Kominami Music: Tomás Tello Video: Diego Vizcarra Light: Vincent Urbani Costume: Carolina Rieckhof External Eye: Camille Mutel Charge of Production: Séverine Zimmer   The piece is a result of a research into meanings and narratives of dance based on encounters between traditional…

Ritual #n trailer on vimeo

When the Vega and the Altair meet once a year, they will greet each other. It is always the first and the last time. I start and I forget and I start again and I will forget and then start. A small performance, a small ritual, praying everyones’ wishes come true. A trailer of the performance in the petitefestival –…

2º Workshop de Butoh com Yuko

Workshop: butoh- appearing and vanishing images, Porto, Portugal

“O Teatro Municipal do Porto vai acolher o 2º WORKSHOP DE BUTOH com YUKO KOMINAMI, organizado e promovido pela NUISIS ZOBOP – Associação Cultural de criação, investigação e formação no domínio das artes performativas. 2, 3 e 4 Setembro 2016 Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli – Sala de Ensaios Horários: 2 Setembro 16 – 14h as 19h 3 Setembro 16 – 14h as 19h 4 Setembro…

Eden Eden Eden Opderschmelz.1

Eden Eden Eden residency at 2 angles

Starting a project “Eden Eden Eden” creation of music and dance piece based on the novel by Pierre Guyotat with Emmanuel Fleitz, Sayoko Onishi and Tomás Tello artist residency from 7th February -20th February 2016 at 2 angles, Normandie, France.  

Residency at MOPA, Bhubaneswar, India then a performance in Odisha Biennale

Whole October 2015, working on a research project “Back to Narratives” with an acclaimed Odissi dancer Masako Ono in Bhubaneswar, India. The project consists of an encounter between a traditional dance (Odissi dance) and a contemporay dance (Butoh) and aims to explore narratives and meanings in dance of different practices, (one which is young and came out of de-construction and…

Three Short Stories

Three Short Stories (dance and music piece for children and adults) was premiered at opderschmelz, Dudelange, Luxembourg 20th March 2015 and also presented at Mierscher Kulturhaus, Luxembourg.

improvisation session # 1

Saturday 28th February 2015 at 20:00 Salle Polyvalente Annexes Château Bourglinster Admission Free but collaboration’s welcomed to contribute to the artists!!!!     Music: Arvind Ganga (NE) * E.T. (LU) Dance: Annick Pütz (LU) Yuko Kominami (LU) and Those who like to improvise on the open stage! Photo installation: Carole Melchior (LU)   An evening, where music, dance and photo installation…

Mayu at LOFT in Leipzig, 16th January 2015

Mayu will be performed in the framework of “Luxival – Tanz aus Luxemburg” on 16th January 2015 at LOFT in Leipzig, Germany. Video-dance “metamorphosis” will be shown as an installation too!