Research Project “In Ritual” By Yuko Kominami & Joana Von Mayer Trindade

The research project is to explore ritual aspect of dance.

Ritual has been a connector to the world, the environment and community, that are always moving and changing. It shows the way to relate and locate oneself in the

world inside and outside. It can help the rebirth of a person or a community,

promoting changes, releasing tension, affirm wisdom and knowledge.

In many traditions, dance has been linked to rituals, and even nowadays in our contemporary city life, some theatre performances serve to move and change people, touch the core of human existence.


The research is a collaboration of two artists of different backgrounds – Joana Von Mayer Trindade from contemporary dance and Yuko Kominami from Butoh. At this meeting point they explore different traditional rituals in the context of their functions, the processes, the performer-audience divisions in search of a new performance-ritual formula to rediscover connection, change and celebration.


Research Presentation 3rd June 2021, TROIS C-L, Luxembourg

Supported by TROIS C-L

Subvention by Residence a Domicile- Ministere de la Culture Luxembourg

Embassy of Luxembourg in Portugal