BLAST on 10th, 11th and 19th November 2020

BLAST is the latest choreographic production by VEDANZA Luxembourg created and performed by Emanuela Iacopini (IT/LU) in collaboration with Frey Faust (US/DE), Yuko Kominami (LU/JP/PT), and Saju Hari (UK/IN) to an original sound track by Rajivan Ayyappan (IN/LU). In a digital set design created by Laura Mannelli (LU) the piece explores sound projections and the impact of explosions on the response mechanisms of the human body.

BLAST reflects on destruction and creation, transition and transformation, the end and the beginning, searching into the light and darkness of explosions. A live performance where Butoh, Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus, Kalaripayattu, Meditation and Contemporary Dance enhance the creative process of the dancers. Coproduced by Opderschmelz and Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck in Luxembourg with the financial support of the Ministère de la Culture, the piece will premiere and tour in Turkey, Morocco, and Luxembourg in 2020.

Artistic direction: Emanuela Iacopini

Sound design: Rajivan Ayyappan

Choreography/performance: Emanuela Iacopini, Frey Faust, Yuko Kominami, Saju Hari

Light design: Nico Tremblay

Scenography: Laura Mannelli/Nico Tremblay

Creative technology/interface design: Sonic Invasions

Costume design: Anne-Marie Herckes

Technical director: Nico Tremblay

External eye: Stephane Boko

Production manager: Lucile Risch

Producer: VEDANZA

Co-Producers: Opderschmelz (Dudelange), CAPé-Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck with the financial support of ministère de la Culture du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg.

Partners: CERModern Ankara, Embassy of Luxembourg in Turkey, Corpo de Hoje, DeVIR/CAPa Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve, Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Casablanca, Sacem, Dance Science Net, Axis Syllabus International Research Network, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L, FOCUNA, Fondation Indépendance.


10 Nov 2020 @ 20h at Opderschmelz – TICKET

11 Nov 2020 @ 10h at Opderschmelz – TICKET

19 Nov 2020 @ 20h at Capé Ettelbruck – TICKET