Easter Dance Workshop in Tavira, Portugal

Workshop Movement of Becoming by Yuko Kominami

From 1st to 5th April, 2018


This five-day workshop explores movement of metamorphosing inside/outside. We work both outdoor and indoor.


“Movement of becoming” is a series of the workshop Yuko Kominami has been giving based on Butoh practice and her personal research. Movement of becoming means the movement of dissolving into something else – a process of metamorphosing.


We will practice metamorphosing into basic elements (water, soil, flower, wind, bird) sensing the elements outdoor, connecting to their movements, see how it metamorphoses itself indoor/outdoor and inside/outside of our body.

The morning session consists of sensing, connecting exercises with physical training which goes along with them. And the afternoon session will be dedicated to explore how to use the morning work in improvisation and composition. Each day we work on one material:

1st April – Water

2nd April – Soil

3rd April – Flower

4th April – Bird

5th April – Wind

The workshop guides participants to sharpen their antennae and reinforce the connections with the inside and the outside world. It is useful for anyone who works in performing art and also anyone who is interested in well-being and strong connections to the environment around us.




Date: 1st-5th April 2018

Hours: 10h-13h and 15h-17h

Place: Outdoor site and studio Corpo de Hoje in Tavira, Portugal

Price: 5 days 60 euro (student, artist, un-employed, 50 euro)

1 day 20 euro (student, artist, un-employed, 15 euro)

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Tel. telephone | +351 93 174 69 45
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