New Year Outdoor Dance Workshop



Starting the New Year with fresh energy flows! Welcoming the new days dancing on the beach: sensing the sand, the waves, the sun, the breeze and the birds… We will begin with gentle warm-up, breathing exercise to regenerate all the cells, stretching to mobilize the body from inside and outside.And then we will move on to movement exercises to create inner landscapes which are already embedded in outer landscapes. And also we will have fun with some learned steps to connect and revitalize in rhythms. And maybe we have time left for an improvisation with elements around us!!!


Date Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Time 10:00-12:00

Place Praia do Arraial, Tavira

Participation fee 10 euro

The class will be cancelled if it rains a lot.
Please wear or bring training shoes and clothes!
Any information on the day, please call, yuko +351 926501428