We Thought We Knew What We Were Doing (2023)

We Thought We Knew What We Were Doing is a testament to the way unexpected forces in life may subvert our most carefully considered plans: the unpredictable, surprising, the ever changing that demands adaptation. In performance (only!) paint drips from the ceiling, gradually rendering the floor slick.. The colours of the paint are trailed across the stage and onto the bodies of the dancers, leaving a manifesto of their admirable playful struggle.


Based on an original idea by American choreographer Frey Faust, the show is reworked and directed in collaboration with Luxembourg based choreographer Emanuela Iacopini. Following Tables (2013) and UNDO (2017), We Thought We Knew What We Were Doing is the third co-production of her company VEDANZA Artists International with Théâtre National du Luxembourg.


Duration: approx. 50 min

Original idea: Frey Faust

Artistic direction/choreography: Emanuela Iacopini and Frey Faust

Music composition: Tomàs Tello

Co-created and performed by: Frey Faust, Saju Hari, Emanuela Iacopini, Yuko Kominami, Ileana Orofino

Costume design: Anne-Marie Herckes

Set design: Emanuela Iacopini and Karl Humbug

Light design/Technical director: Karl Humbug

Production and touring: Lucile Risch, Sara Martins

Producer: VEDANZA Artists International

Co-Producers: Théâtre National du Luxembourg with the financial support of ministère de la Culture du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg.


Partners: Teatro Municipal de Faro (Portugal), L’Exosquelette (France), Axis Syllabus Research Meshwork, Dance Science Net, Fondation Indépendance. The i-Portunus Houses pilot scheme funded the artistic research under the working title “Living River”. i-Portunus is managed by European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and includes MitOst (Berlin) and Kultura Nova Foundation (Zagreb).