In Ritual (2021)

The premier: 18th September 2021, Festival Dance Dance Dance at Teatro das Figuras, Faro, Portugal


Choreography and dance: Yuko Kominami & Joana Von Mayer Trindade

Installation : Ana Maria Pintora

Music: Tomas Tello

Light: Luisa l’Abbate



The choreographic project was to create a dance piece based on ritual. It is a development of a research project on the theme by the choreographers. (The research project “in ritual” sponsored by TROIS C-L will took place between March and May in 2020 in Luxembourg and Portugal. )

Ritual has been a connector to the world, the environment, the community, that are always moving and changing. It shows the way to relate and locate oneself in the world inside and outside of us. It can help the rebirth of a person or a community, promoting changes, releasing tension, affirm wisdom and knowledge. In many traditions, dance has been linked to rituals, and even nowadays in our contemporary city life, some theatre performances serve to move and change people, touch the core of human existence.


The piece was created by two choreographers who have been exploring ritual in their own works independently. This piece brought them together, in order to share and crystallize their insight on the theme. The two come from different dance practice – one from contemporary dance and the other from Butoh. The aim was to create a dance piece to re-affirm the connections, learn from the differences and similarities in order to find a new way in contemporary performative practice.


The piece attempts to be a performance at the same time ritual. The choreographers explored the different traditional and contemporary rituals to create a new performance-ritual to take the audience into a ride of connection and metamorphosis and celebration.

Why Now the Ritual?

The project takes in an account of the recent phenomenon –

  1. That the people are losing connection to the community and environment, due to segregation caused by technological development (i.e. locking themselves up in their phones and tablets, submerged in capitalistic individualism, destroying the nature drastically for the capitals and ones’ own convenience)
  2. that the daily life is more surprising and happening than a theatre performance. Therefore, people are ready to feel and witness the performance



Executive production: Rhysom Danz Kollektiv

Subvention: Residence a Domicile – Ministère de la Culture, Grand Duche de Luxembourg

Co-production: Teatro das Figuras