recollections (2012)

Re-collections is a performance which aims to connect memories from the past and the future of a place by sharing  memories of the present together. The stage is surrouded by trees and ponds, and covered with dried cow dung. In the middle of it, a bed-size white “monolith” stands like an alien substance. Various images are projected on this monolith, which might seem, at first sight,  alien to the place but in fact they are to awaken forgotten memories of the place. While these images are running, the dancer dances as if she were placing new memories on the land. The electronic sounds, intersecting airwaves, field recordings from far away places are played live and interglated into the environmental sound of the place, making a soundscape which is unique to the present. And also the the sound of the drum pushing the dancer into moving.   By experiencing this site-specific performance as a device  to feel the past, present and future as a loose and continuous flow of time closely connected to the place, and not as History with the capital letter, the audience can realise that they themselves are one of the component of the memories of here and now. The space where this is performed can be from historical site to absolutely anonymous space, both outside or inside, however, ideally  it is better not to be a conventional theatre space.

Dance: Yuko Kominami Video: Kunihiko Matsuo Music: Tomás Tello