Kage-fumi (2012)


photo Patrick Galbats

…I was already no more me but you. And you were me. You are me and looking at you, who is me, from the next room. So open but unreachable but already here…

Two dancer/choreographers, choreographing each other along the theme of the double. My double – the shadow I have never met but is already inside me and always next to me. When one choreographes the other, she creates her double and also experiences the universe through the other’s body hence becoming the other. I am your double and you are my double, I dance through your eyes you dance through my body. In this incidental crack of time, the shell that separates individuals is ready to be destroyed to become something or someone else – to become its double. In and out of an internal playground, yours and mine, when we finally meet, possibly the dance starts. Dance: Marianela León Ruiz and Yuko Kominami Music: Tomás Tello Light: Brice Durand

Coproduction: Trois C-L

Subvention: Fondation Indépendance