Mayu (2013)


photo Patrick Galbats


A lullaby in the womb

Swim! towards the voice

like a salmon up the river

Hello again Welcome!

Mayu is a solo dance piece with a live music performance. The piece is about  rebirth (rebecoming)  – A life-death  spiral or rather a rhizome. The title “mayu” means “river” in Quechua (the language from the Andes) and in  Japanese the same word means “silkworm cocoon”. The piece tries to embark on a journey  in this  river of life-death that goes in and out of the womb-cocoon again and again.

Dance: Yuko Kominami Music: Tomás Tello Light: Elric Vanpouille

Coproduction: opderschmelz

Subvention: Fondation Indépendance

Created in residency at Trois C -L