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Mayu at LOFT in Leipzig, 16th January 2015

Mayu will be performed in the framework of “Luxival – Tanz aus Luxemburg” on 16th January 2015 at LOFT in Leipzig, Germany. Video-dance “metamorphosis” will be shown as an installation too!  

Three Short Stories

Dance and music piece for children and others Choreography/Dance: Yuko Kominami and Sayoko Onishi Music: Tomás Tello and Lukasz Szalankiewicz Light/Dramaturgy: Brice Durand   The focus of the choreographic project “Three Short Stories” is to narrate three different fantastic/supernatural stories using dance, music and light. Each story comes from different places (Japan, Poland, Perú). The piece is directed to children…

video dance: metamorphosis

  Premiere!!!!!! 3rd November 2014 at Trois du Trois, banannefabrik, Luxembourg Metamorphosis [ou l’enigme du mouvement ou la confusion des forms] par Yuko Kominami et Elvire Bastendorff Metamorphosis est la rencontre de deux disciplines, la fusion de deux univers artistiques distincts dont la finalité est une pièce vidéo(graphique) produite par une mise en forme d’images fixes et mobiles. La vidéo mixe…