Residency at MOPA, Bhubaneswar, India then a performance in Odisha Biennale

Whole October 2015, working on a research project “Back to Narratives” with an acclaimed Odissi dancer Masako Ono in Bhubaneswar, India.

The project consists of an encounter between a traditional dance (Odissi dance) and a contemporay dance (Butoh) and aims to explore narratives and meanings in dance of different practices, (one which is young and came out of de-construction and re-construction of existing styles and the other which has been practiced for a long period of time while experiencing changes through time) with the intension of going beyond their narratives in order to re-construct and re-affirmin the meaning of dance in both practices.

And the outcome of the research will be shown in the Odisha Biennale (the music for the presentation will be composed and played by Tomás Tello).

And afterwards in Trois du Trois, at Banannefabrik, Luxembourg on 3rd December 2015.

The project is financed by TROIS C-L.