Three Short Stories


Dance and music piece for children and others

Choreography/Dance: Yuko Kominami and Sayoko Onishi

Music: Tomás Tello and Lukasz Szalankiewicz

Light/Dramaturgy: Brice Durand


The focus of the choreographic project “Three Short Stories” is to narrate three different fantastic/supernatural stories using dance, music and light. Each story comes from different places (Japan, Poland, Perú). The piece is directed to children from 7 years old onwards.

Premier: 19th or 20th March 2015 at opderschmelz, Dudelange, Luxembourg

Following performance: 22nd March 2015 at Mierscher Kulturhaus, Luxembourg

Co-production: Trois C-L, opderschmelz, Rhysom Danz Kollektiv